One Stop Past Your Destination is Tom Laverack’s seventh full-length release and fittingly pulls from both his own past catalog as well as from the band Just Desserts (where Laverack and Larry Fessenden are band mates). Though a “collection”, ten of the seventeen tracks have never been released before, and the tracks come equally from hi-fi and lo-fi environments. With recording three previous albums as a solo artist and three as a member of Just Desserts, Laverack expressed a frustration at not being able to present the music under just one roof; “I’ve always seen the songs as the through line but it’s always bothered me that I couldn’t put some of my favorite songs side by side”.


In an attempt to do this, Laverack has pulled from some basement tapes (one dating back to the mid-1980’s captured in a church basement on the campus of U Mass/Amherst). Though there are several four track recordings included as well, the majority of the offerings are older tracks recorded at Whaton Tiers’ old Fun City studio or newer ones recorded with Mark Ambrosino (co-founder of Sojourn Records) at his Madhouse studio in Queens.

Ambrosino produced five of the songs on the collection and co-produced the collection with Laverack. Larry Fessenden of Just Desserts is featured on many of the tracks playing saxophone and adding vocals. Fessenden, perhaps better known for his independent film directing and producing (Glass Eye Pix) has featured Laverack’s music in all of his major film projects, including No Telling, Habit, Wendigo and The Last Winter. Wharton Tiers, known for his work with Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and Helmet to name just a few, both produced and played drums on four of the songs.